Unused skin care in your cupboard?

Written by Janine Duffy

We have all purchased product before that we either don’t enjoy using or are unsure how to use. At the back of the cupboard we will all find something, whether it’s skin care, hair care, makeup.. there will be at least 1 item that sitting unused.


At Bay Harmony our skin therapists have not only been trained by the best trainers in Dermalogica, but they are constantly updating their skills and knowledge surrounding skin.

Apart of our complimentary Skin Consultations, we not only study your skin and listen to your concerns to find the best solution for your skin, but we can also write out a skin plan, whether it be for 2 products, 5 or however many you wish to incorporate into your everyday skin routine. We also give you FREE samples!! This will ensure that product recommended for you is a product you LOVE, that your skin responds well to and a product that you will definitely use and understand how to use properly. We want all our clients to love using their product and feel comfortable knowing the education we have provided is exactly what you need to be on the road to healthy, glowing skin.

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What is a Back Facial?

Written by Janine Duffy

We often get asked "What's a Back Facial?" 


A back facial incorporates the same technique as a facial but on your back.

Why would anyone want one? For so many reasons.....

Here are a few....

- Acne / breakouts / blockages

- Dryness and dehydration

- Pigmentation

- Roughness

- Relaxation


We can use the facial techniques to improve the skin health on your back / backs of arms / back of neck area. Whether you want a breakout free back, some intense hydration or just some relaxation, this facial suits EVERYONE! We even give your back a soothing massage to complete the experience. 

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Body Therapy

Written by Janine Duffy

How often do you take time out?

We often forget about ourselves in our frantic life. 

We are reaching for the coffee when we awake, and another by midday and another by 4pm. 

What is keeping you going other than these coffee's or whatever the fix is you have?


Body therapy eliminates tension and stress and improves your wellbeing. 

We provide an experience through physical and mental rejuvenation, ensuring you leave feeling like you've had a well deserved break. 

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Mother's Day

Written by Janine Duffy

How long has it been since your Mum had some "me" time?

Something us Beauty Therapists hear too much and too often are busy tired Mum's who need some "me" time. 

Rushing in for an eyebrow wax isn't always classed as relaxation. 

Give Mum the best gift of all....some "me" time. Time out away from reality, the kids, work, chores, and daily routine is something only some Mother's dream of. 


Let her indulge in one of our exclusive Mother's Day pamper packages. 

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Pedicure Special

Written by Janine Duffy


Book in for a Spa Pedicure

receive a complimentary

Eyelash Tint


A little gift from us 

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Be smart with Summer

Written by Janine Duffy

Did you know? 

UV (UltraViolet) radiation can not be felt! This type of UV is dangerous for this reason. It's responsible for tanning, sunburns and sun damaged skin and in unfortunate circumstances, skin cancer. 

Queensland alone has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, but with some handy tips from us and the Cancer Council QLD, you can minimise your risk.

  • SPF 30+ or higher eg. Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 by dermalogica
  • People who have fair and sensitive skin may need to re-apply as early as every 30min
  • Hats
  • Sunnies
  • Long summer dresses
  • Hang out in the shade, or under an umbrella
  • Rashies when swimming is also an awesome option for anyone young and old
  • Some makeups even protect you, so wearing one over your SPF is even more protection eg. Mineral Velvet Cream Foundation SPF15 by issada


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Valentine's Day

Written by Janine Duffy

VALENTINE'S DAY ..... Tuesday 14th Feb

Show the person you care for and love just how much you really appreciate them.

Both women AND men don't take enough time out for themselves.

Treat them to something special this year... Check out our special packages!

Can't find what you're looking for? Let us know and we can tailor a package for you, your loved one and most importantly your budget. 


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Christmas and New Year's TRADING HOURS

Written by Janine Duffy




Book your appointment to avoid disappointment.


Monday 19th          8:30am-6:00pm

Tuesday 20th         8:30am-5:30pm

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Spray Tans and why they're so popular!

Written by Janine Duffy

Spray Tans and why they're so popular... 

Australia and in particular Queensland, has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. 

Too much time spent in the sun not only leads to these freckles turning nasty, but changes our skin to become dryer, more dehydrated and aged sooner than we would like.  

Women and Men have chosen the path of spray tans for many reasons.. here are the most common that we hear..

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