Unused skin care in your cupboard?

Written by Amy Jessen

We have all purchased product before that we either don’t enjoy using or are unsure how to use. At the back of the cupboard we will all find something, whether it’s skin care, hair care, makeup.. there will be at least 1 item that sitting unused.


At Bay Harmony our skin therapists have not only been trained by the best trainers in Dermalogica, but they are constantly updating their skills and knowledge surrounding skin.

Apart of our complimentary Skin Consultations, we not only study your skin and listen to your concerns to find the best solution for your skin, but we can also write out a skin plan, whether it be for 2 products, 5 or however many you wish to incorporate into your everyday skin routine. We also give you FREE samples!! This will ensure that product recommended for you is a product you LOVE, that your skin responds well to and a product that you will definitely use and understand how to use properly. We want all our clients to love using their product and feel comfortable knowing the education we have provided is exactly what you need to be on the road to healthy, glowing skin.

If you have a product (that wasn’t purchased from us) that you don’t know how to use correctly, don’t be afraid to ask us. We may not be familiar with every other brand, but we may be able to assist you in being able to finish the product you purchased. We don't like wastage! 


Getting low on product? Now is also a great time to book in for your consultation, so we can provide you with some samples to take home!


So book in today for your complimentary skin consultation, and let us help you and your skin!

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