Spray Tans and why they're so popular!

Written by Amy Jessen

Spray Tans and why they're so popular... 

Australia and in particular Queensland, has some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. 

Too much time spent in the sun not only leads to these freckles turning nasty, but changes our skin to become dryer, more dehydrated and aged sooner than we would like.  

Women and Men have chosen the path of spray tans for many reasons.. here are the most common that we hear..

  • I can have a nice natural glow without spending time in the sun.
  • I can't tan naturally as my skin is so senstive, so I resort to spray tans to give me a healthy meditarranean colour which makes me feel nice and healthy. 
  • I enjoy being able to choose when I want my skin to look tanned for certain events etc. without going in the sun and having uneven tan lines.
  • My wife suggested I try a spray tan, so I did. It takes me back to my youth when I worked outdoors and had a permanent sock tan. I no longer work in the sun so can now utilise a spray tan when we go on holidays to make me feel like I never left the beach. The best part is, my mates have no idea I get tans as they're so natural!

There is no need to subject yourself to harmful UV rays from the Sun or Solariums. We select our tan brands carefully and we test and try them on ourselves to ensure we are only using the best. Our colour selection is large, so everyone can feel comfortable knowing that no matter what their natural skin colour is, there will always be a tan that we have that will be a pefect fit. 

Never had a tan? Come in and see us for a relaxed chat to learn more. 

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