Lumixa - Course of 5 treatments

Take Led that one step further with Lumixa!  Watch the light work its magic!


What is Lumixa?

Lumixa is an in-clinic treatment that utilises fluorescent lightenergy (FLE), activated by a blue LED light, (415 – 465nmwavelengths). FLE works by photobiomodulation and interacts with various receptors in the epidermis and dermis. FLE stimulates mitochondrial ATP in large quantities to assist with skins barrier function and in the prevention and management of the various signs of chrono-ageing and the impacts of‘imflammageing’ (inflammatory process associated with ageing)


What is FLE (Fluoroscent Light Energy)?

FLE is a hyper-pulsed light, targeting multiple layers of the skin at once. FLE stimulates biological processes in the skin to activate the skin’s own regeneration methods. It’s amazing for controlling and minimising redness, producing collagen, and enhancing your skin’s glow, bringing dull skin back to life! Lumixa gel contains a patented fluorophore – a chemical compound excited by light. It has a specific energy profile that improves Inflammageing and its symptoms. It’s effective at settling skin reactivity and stress, preventing and combatting inflammation, and regenerating and revitalising the skin.

How does it work?

Lumixa Skin Normaliser targets the signs and symptoms of Inflammageing – where inflammation occurs, accelerating the skin’s ageing process. The inflammatory response can cause damage to skin tissue leading to skin dehydration, dehydration, skin reactivity, and dull complexion. Skin Normaliser is effective in modulating skin reactivity and stress, preventing/combating inflammation, and generates a revitalising and energising effect.  

Lumixa Collagen Booster targets the signs and symptoms of Chronoageing: It is responsible for loss of volume, alteration of the skin texture and dry skin. Lumixa Collagen Booster can be used as a corrective treatment, improves skin density and provides a plumping effect.

For best results treatments should be performed as a course of 5 (minimum) on a weekly basis. It is suitable for all skin types,however those with of a darker Fitzpatrick
may experience skin bronzing and a darkening of their pigmentation such as freckles. Men should shave their beards 1-2.


Course of 5 Treatments $1125 ( $225 per treatment)

1 Treatment  $299


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