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The Dermalogica product range has a proven record of consistent, positive results in many areas of skin care.  These innovative products are at the forefront of new technology and attract millions of customers world-wide to professionally managed skin care.

Our Dermalogica Facials are relaxing, cleansing and refreshing. They're suitable for all ages, genders and can also help target many skin concerns such as Acne, Redness, Ageing, Congestion and breakouts.

We like to conduct a thorough skin consultation with you to discuss your skin concerns and focus.  Your facial is then customised to suit your specific skin requirements at the time of your appointment.


Clear Start Teen Facial - $55

An Express Facial for Teenagers aimed at treating congested, breakout prone skin.  It combines the best of science with nature to fight breakouts with out stripping the skin.  Every product contains active breakout ingredients and soothing natural botanicals that keep skin clear, hydrated and balanced.  Allow 30 mins.


Express Rejuvenation Facial - $55
This refreshing facial focuses specific skin concerns around your face and neck. Allow 30 minutes.


Classic Signature Facial - $80
A relaxing and indulgent treatment that’s ideal for targeting your skin concerns,  helping you to unwind and relax.  You will feel completely rejuvenated.  Allow 60 minutes.


Active Resurface Facial - $95
Containing highly active skin smoothing ingredients along with complex enzymes and peptides to boost exfoliation, this facial allows you to see results after just one session. We use Sonophoresis which delivers a non evasive trans dermal infusion using sound waves to allow maximum absorption of active ingredients.   Allow 80 minutes.


Express Micro ($60)

An express Microdermabrasion Treatment for clients with limited time that comfortably exfoliates and polishes the skin surface to give you instant results. Skin will feel smoother, less congested, hydrated and rejuvenated. Allow 30 mins



Refresh The Eyes with a Dermalogica Eye Treatment

Refresh the Eyes is a 15min treatment that solely focuses on your eye area to improve texture and quality, reduce fine lines and decrease puffiness. If your eye area is feeling tired, this treatment is for you.
(Incorporated into any of the facials you choose).


Sonophoresis - $30

This safe, gentle treatment uses ultrasonic technology, warmth and motion energy to significantly increase the depth and absorption rate of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.  This treatment is not only highly effective, but is also soothing and incredibly relaxing.  Add this to an Express or classic Facial.  Allow 15mins




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