Mineral Velvet Cream Spf 15 - London 35g at Bay Harmony Skin & Body

Mineral Velvet Cream Spf 15 - London 35g


Introducing a world-first in liquid mineral technology.

After a two-year collaborative formulation process with international chemists, Issada has finally perfected the next generation of mineral liquid foundation.

We have harnessed the very latest mineral advancements to deliver Mineral Velvet Cream Foundation, heralding a new, world-class level of complexion perfection.

The aim was to completely out-perform the coverage, texture, ingredients and lasting power of Issada’s original pioneer liquid mineral formulation (the first liquid mineral in the Australian market when it launched in 2006); and the final product exceeds even the wildest expectations.

Mineral Velvet Cream is the reward for Issada devotees who have loyally loved our original liquid formula since 2006. What better way to thank our fans, than with a total upgrade of their favourite foundation?!

This formula is a world-first: skin receives unparalleled benefits thanks to new miracle ingredients, the strongest purest mineral pigments, flawless coverage that is super long-lasting and an aerated floating texture.

Issada’s Vita-Mineral Complex (Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Titanium Dioxide, Vitamins A, C and E) heals, strengthens, treats, repairs and protects, while new biotechnology skin superfood Lysine (Amino Acid), anti-ages and stimulates collagen & elastin. Hylauronic Acid binds moisture to skin, plumping and smoothing fine lines. Truly a youth-elixir –meets-foundation formula.

The triple-whipped, mousse-like cream texture gives a weightless, aerated feel on skin, allowing for oxygenation, yet still providing flawless coverage that is buildable from sheer to full, and self-sets like velvet.

Even more shades have been catered for with a comprehensive colour collection that reflects Issada’s growing demand and interest internationally.

Global skin tones inspired the names of the Mineral Velvet Cream shades; each is named after a different international city, and in a nod to the brand’s heritage, there is even a shade called Brisbane!

Mineral Velvet Cream contains no parabens, is completely vegan and cruelty free, contains natural mineral sunscreen (Zinc/Titanium Dioxide) and the packaging is sleek, professional and unisex.

Key Ingredients: Issada’s Vita Mineral Complex, Lysine, Hylauronic Acid

RRP $69

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