Mineral Loose - Luminous Foundation  - Honey 10g at Bay Harmony Skin & Body

Mineral Loose - Luminous Foundation - Honey 10g


Loose Mineral Powder Foundation

Issada’s cocktail of micronized Multi-Minerals protect and correct skin without irritation.

Their powerful, light reflective properties also make flaws and imperfections look less visible.

Issada presents a new frontier in mineral technology. A weightless second-skin formula allows skin to breathe freely while shielding against age aggressors with chemical-free sun protection. They contain the highest Pharmaceutical-Grade Minerals available, which are then triple-milled for a light, consistent texture. Not stopping there, Issada uses a unique micronisation process that reduces each spherical powder particle to an identical shape and size, creating a perfectly consistent, smooth, even finish.

After this thorough milling process, skin-treating Issada minerals are fortified with clinical-grade nutrients and antioxidant Vitamin A. The break-through formula delivers a radiant, luminous flawless finish that improves the skin’s surface over time.

Completely safe to use post-treatment or surgery, Issada’s skin safe formula contains no potential irritants, such as fragrance, oil, talc or dyes and is the perfect choice after cosmetic procedures, chemical peels, laser treatments, micro-dermabrasion and waxing. Or for individuals who suffer from acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions.

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