What is a Back Facial?

Written by Janine Duffy

We often get asked "What's a Back Facial?" 


A back facial incorporates the same technique as a facial but on your back.

Why would anyone want one? For so many reasons.....

Here are a few....

- Acne / breakouts / blockages

- Dryness and dehydration

- Pigmentation

- Roughness

- Relaxation


We can use the facial techniques to improve the skin health on your back / backs of arms / back of neck area. Whether you want a breakout free back, some intense hydration or just some relaxation, this facial suits EVERYONE! We even give your back a soothing massage to complete the experience. 

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Body Therapy

Written by Janine Duffy

How often do you take time out?

We often forget about ourselves in our frantic life. 

We are reaching for the coffee when we awake, and another by midday and another by 4pm. 

What is keeping you going other than these coffee's or whatever the fix is you have?


Body therapy eliminates tension and stress and improves your wellbeing. 

We provide an experience through physical and mental rejuvenation, ensuring you leave feeling like you've had a well deserved break. 

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